Porotherm HP Dryfix


Wienerberger, the Global Leaders in sustainable, green building materials introduces Porotherm Dryfix.System, a revolutionary system that can drastically minimize consumption of water & sand during masonry construction resulting in huge savings in cost & time.

Bangalore. With recent Government regulations penalizing Builders for delays in construction and project handovers, to strict restrictions across the country on mining of sand for construction purposes to acute shortage of natural resources mainly water in large urban areas, the building construction industry is facing numerous challenges which makes the following absolutely necessary:
1) Adopting best practices to save time
2) Reduce dependence on natural resources like sand & water
3) Savings on labor and cost
Wienerberger has come up with a simple solution that can help radically reduce water consumption during the construction phase of a building. Wienerberger’s Porotherm Dryfix.System eliminates the need for curing during wall construction, thus leading to substantial savings in Construction Time, Water and Sand, Cost incurred for labor and other resources.
The system is sustainable and environment friendly, a super glue available in cans that does away with sand and water. Because of the glue, construction site wastage is considerably reduced as well giving the Builder optimal output.
“Porotherm Dryfix.System, a dry mortar system, that can entirely replace the conventional mortar and help you build walls without the need for curing. Thus saving precious natural resources like water and sand. The product is mason friendly, saves time and enhances thermal protection. It is a revolutionary world class system to build the perfect wall for your house.” said Mr. Monnanda Appaiah, Managing Director, Wienerberger India.
Considering the volume of construction in urban areas, saving water in pre-construction stage can give a huge relief to the city’s water crunch. Generally, during construction, the maximum water usage occurs while preparation of sand & cement mortar, while curing of walls before & after plastering.
It is estimated that an average of 27,000 liters of embodied water gets consumed for every square meter of built up area of a building! An average of 350 liters of water is consumed for every one meter of wall construction.
POROTHERM DRYFIX.SYSTEM removes the need of wet mortar and drastically reduces the requirement of water for any type of wall construction (infill masonry or partition walls as well as external walls).
POROTHERM DRYFIX.SYSTEM comes along with Porotherm Grinded clay hollow bricks or Smart Bricks as a total solution. The bricks are a hallmark in precision technology resulting in exceptional dimensional uniformity that can reduce plaster thickness leading to huge savings for the builder.
The other advantages of POROTHERM DRYFIX.SYSTEM:
§ Dryfix.System is ready to use, mason friendly, easy to transport, fastest masonry system compared to any other
§ Clean dry construction, with zero debris, absolutely ZERO WASTAGE, with very strong reliable bond
§ No chasing, next construction activity on the wall can begin after 24 hours
Porotherm Brick, which is a combined offering with Dryfix.System, is a natural, clay product, with inherent thermal insulation properties that promotes healthy & comfortable in-door living environment all year round.
About Wienerberger India
In 2009, the company started delivering high quality clay building materials to the Indian market. The products are manufactured in the state-of-the-art production facility in Kunigal, Karnataka. The facility is highly automated, engaging robots for material handling and adopts efficient use of locally available raw materials and energy to produce green & sustainable bricks for the Indian Market. Our endeavor was from the very beginning to use an extremely Resource Efficient Brick (REB) – Porotherm Smart Bricks. The goal of Wienerberger India is to meet the design requirements of architects, developers and builders in order to progress with time while always keeping the end customer in mind. The final aim is to create natural and healthy living spaces for the Indian consumers. Other than wall solutions, we also import a range of specialty products from our overseas factories, namely products for façades (Argeton & Aspect) and roofs (Koramic,Tondach). The projects include large apartment, villas, educational institutes, hospitals, hotels, commercial complexes and individual houses.
About Wienerberger AG
Wienerberger is a global provider of building materials and infrastructure solutions with its headquarters in Vienna. We are the only multinational producer of clay blocks for walls, bricks for facades and clay roof tiles, of plastic and ceramic pipe systems as well as of concrete and clay pavers.We are the world’s largest producer of clay blocks and the company holds leading market positions in our other business segments as well. Founded in 1819, we can look back on nearly 200 years of successful business with over 200 production units across 30 countries.

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